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SUN Bargaining Conference November 17 & 18, 2011

Report  by Barb Beaurvage RN(NP)

These are the highlights from the SUN Bargaining Conference. Below are some of the principles that were discussed that may influence nurse practitioners under the SUN contract.


Principle: Retention and recruitment of Registered Nurses/ Registered Psychiatric Nurses and Registered Nurses (Nurse Practitioners).

This discussion focused on workload and nurse/patient ratio. There is some research done in the US that is on Nurse/ patient ratio.

Principle: Registered Nurses/ Registered Psychiatric Nurses replacement with same.

Discussion: Focused on RN’s being replaced with LPN. This also affects NP.  NPs commented as NPs  never get replaced and requested that RN(NP) be added to this principle.

Principle: Maintain Competitive premiums.

Discussion:  stacking of premiums, i.e. when you are on standby you can add your weekend and evening premiums. This principle will affect NP’s who do call work.

NPs put forward a motion that education allowance be increased and the clause (applicable to the position) be removed in relation to masters degree as well as add a Doctorate education allowance.  (see page 106 of contract)

Principle: Maintain Competitive Wages.

Discussion: SUN identified that currently this round of negotiation will occur in a much different negotiating environment than last time due to the Essential Services Legislation. SUN reported the other provinces who most recently negotiated contracts achieved the following.

Manitoba’s last contract 0-0-4

Alberta’s last contract 0-2-4

BC’s last contract 3-3

Principle: Improve Language Specific to Registered Nurse (Nurse Practitioners).

Add the $6 premium to the NP base wage, have a separate wage scale. This was put forward by the NP’s present, but SUN bargaining, said this was already on their agenda to negotiate.

Increase the number of paid education days for NP who need more specific education to maintain their license.

A request was made to have a grad NP wage scale added to the contract.

Principle: Enhance and improve preceptorship language in the Collective Agreement

Discussion: Article 60 to be changed to “A preceptor shall mean any SUN member who…” rather than a Registered Nurse or Registered Psychiatric Nurse.

All the motions related to NP’s were passed however there were some who suggested anything that NP’s get RN’s should get.