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SANP is a non-profit, volunteer-run, professional organization that supports and advances the professional interests of its membership — NPs, NP students, and nurses who have an interest in the NP practice.

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Political Advocacy Committee Letter Works to Connect with MLAs

By Maureen Klenk RN(NP)

Upon receiving the letter SANP composed regarding Nurse Practitioner and Triple Aim Health Care, I immediately sent the letter to my MLA Gene Makowsky, Regina Dewdney.  I was offered an appointment to meet with Mr. Makowsky in his office on March 1, 2012.


In our meeting, Mr. Makowsky and I discussed the role of the NP. I outlined the services currently provided by NPs in Saskatchewan and described how a variety of NP roles could build a health care system that enhances the patient experience, improves the health of the population all at a cost the system can afford.

The current legislative barriers that prevent NPs from practicing to their full scope of education were discussed.  I left a copy of SANP’s Proposed Legislation Changes with Mr. Makowsky, with the request for Mr. Makowsky to assist us in removing these barriers.

Mr. Makowsky questioned how NPs can be recruited and retained in rural and remote communities in Saskatchewan.  I responded that anywhere RNs are found in the province there is the potential to have an NP.  The government must financially support the education of the RN to become an NP.  RNs currently in remote/rural communities will likely stay in rural/ remote communities once educated as an NP.

I encouraged Mr. Makowsky to assist us in altering public thinking.  If and when he is approached by a member of the public who is requesting a physician in their community, please stop and spend a few moments to investigate the services needed by this community.  Maybe an NP could fill the need – at a cost that is sustainable.

The political advocacy committee requests that NPs use the political letter to communicate with our politicians both formal and informal.  Telling them about the potential role and asking them for assistance to navigate through the barriers in our practice will ultimately help us to be located in positions where NPs can truly make a positive difference in the health of Saskatchewan residents.

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