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SANP's MLA reception held Monday May 6, 2013 bears more fruit.

by Debbie Bathgate RN(NP)

Debbie Sept 19 Article

L to R: Ann Mueller, SHR, Debbie Bathgate RN(NP) Borden Primary Health Centre, Honourable Minister Randy Weeks Rural and Remote Health

Hon. Minister Randy Weekes visited Borden Primary Health Center Aug 23, 2013. Minister Weekes was accompanied by Ann Mueller of SHR.  The visit included a tour of the facility by the Primary Care Team, discussion on current and potential programs and services, practice statistics, an interview with Debbie Bathgate NP, and a meeting with community leaders.  Ann Mueller avidly made notes on the stats with intention to clarify the information and expand on the usefullness of the information. 

 One example needing clarification is what parameters SK Health uses for their healthcare usage pattern reports. These reports are used in budgeting. SK Health stats do not show any evidence of health services in small rural centers including Borden and Delisle.  The conversations Minister Weeks had with Radisson and Borden residents, as well as the stats from Borden Primary Health Center contradicted the picture that SK Health sees in their stats. Clarification will be welcome by Minister Weekes, NP's and residents of Borden and area. 

In follow up on the presentations made by SANP members at the MLA Reception in May, Minister Weekes verified and clarified the current barriers in NP practice including the need for realistic meaningful recruitment measures and financial support for NP students.  He also reiterated that the Ministry of Health still has the Legislative and Regulatory barriers to NP practice on the agenda. He predicts little opposition to the needed changes by the MLAs. These barriers exist in the Hospital Standards Act, the Health Information and Privacy Act, the Mental Health Act, and the Vital Statistics Act. However, he did not commit to any timeline for moving on these issues.

Participants in the Community meeting left feeling motivated, positive, and committed to improving local programs and services for the health of Borden and area residents. Minister Weekes appreciates the contribution that NPs make to health in SK, and commends all NPs.