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SANP is a non-profit, volunteer-run, professional organization that supports and advances the professional interests of its membership — NPs, NP students, and nurses who have an interest in the NP practice.

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Teamwork key to nurse practitioner role

This article was orgininally published in The Region Reports News from Saskatoon Health Region

Karen Hart walks downstairs to the child care space at Nutana Collegiate to check on some of the infants and toddlers in care. She knows the names and faces of many of the 600 students and most of the children in the child care. Hart is a nurse practitioner (NP) based at Nutana Collegiate. Hart’s placement at Nutana Collegiate shows the diversity of the work environment for a NP. “Nutana is a regular high school. However, a lot of the students have had difficulty staying in school for many reasons,” she says. About 80 per cent of the students are over the age of 18. “I deal with everything from sore throats to sexually transmitted infections, birth control to mental health issues. Anxiety and depression are very common.” Read More