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SANP is a non-profit, volunteer-run, professional organization that supports and advances the professional interests of its membership — NPs, NP students, and nurses who have an interest in the NP practice.

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9th Annual Nurse Practitioner Conference Resources

Information and presenations are posted for your personal use, with the permission of the presenters.

Identifying the Difference NP's Can Make in Long Term Car, Deanna Barlow RN(NP), Wendy Quinn RN(NP), Shannon Chernoff RN(NP), Leah Clement RN

The Difference an NP can Make in Long Term Care Deanna Barlow RN(NP)

Np's Experts in Collaborative and Best Practice Wendy Quinn RN(NP)

RN(NP) in LTC Leah Clement RN

The NP Riole in Collaborative Practice in LTC (Samaritan Place, Saskatoon) Shannon Chernoff RN(NP)

What to do when you see Chronic Edema! Presented by Julie Jensen BScPT


Basic Advice to Post Breast Cancer Patients

Daily Tips for Lymphodemia

Lymphodema Framework. (2006). Best Practice for the Mangement of Lymphodema. Viking Print Serivices, UK.

Lymphodema Framework. (2006). Compression hosiery in lymphodema. Viking Print Servcies, UK.

Piller, N. (2011). The Big Picture: Every thing you wanted to know about lymphoedema. Retrieved from http://www.bclymph.org/Resources/Documents/Neil%20Piller%20%20Patient%20Information%20Handout.pdf.

S/S to Rule Out Reoccurance of Cancer Post Breast Cancer


Peripregnancy and Menopause: What you want to know about drug therapy options! Loren Regier and Lynette Kosar

Potpourri of Practical Pearls Dr Jerry Danielson M.D.

Dr I'm Dizzy

Good Serotonin - Bad Serotonin

Neuropathic Pain

Behavior Problems in Children and Adolescents Dr Declan Quinn

Pelvic Floor Pathway Amanda Scollan RN(NP)

Telnar, D. (2007). Pessary Insertion. Canadian Family Physician, 53.


Find an NP

The Saskatchewan Registered Nurses' Association (SRNA) maintains a list of registered nurses in Sasktachewan that are currently in good standing.

This list to provided to help the public identify if a person providing nursing care in Saskatchewan is a GN, RN, RN(NP), or RN(GNP) registered in good standing with SRNA.

Please note that this information is not designed nor is it intended to be used for any other purpose, including marketing or research.

To view this list, please click on the link below.

SRNA Verfication Service

Please read the SRNA terms of use before proceeding. The following page will have a "RN(NP) List" near the bottom.




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Heather Keith Award Nomination Form

The Saskatchewan Association of Nurse Practitioners (SANP) in partnership with the SRNA special interest group, Nurse Practitioners of Saskatchewan (NPOS), is accepting nominations for the Heather Keith Award. 

This award will be given to an RN(NP) who has demonstrated excellence in leadership in nursing and commitment to the community through volunteer work.  

About the Heather Keith Award

The award recipient will reflect attributes of the award’s namesake Heather Keith.  Heather’s significant career in advanced practice nursing has focused on providing and supporting primary health care services in emergency, family medicine, and in rural and northern settings.  Through her various roles, she has mentored and empowered nursing colleagues to achieve high levels of competence.

Throughout her career, she has innovated change that has promoted the health and safety of community members.  Heather has influenced the development of the NP role by participating in many SRNA committees such as the Legislation and Bylaws committee and was the first NP voted in on the SRNA council as a member at large.  In 2001, Heather established NPOS which united NPs in their goal to advance the NP role.

The 2018 award nomination form will be posted soon!



NPOS logo

Affiliates & Partners

What is the Nurse Practitioners of Saskatchewan (NPOS)?

NPOS is a Professional Practice Group(PPG) that is the voice of RN(NP)s speaking in the public interest. PPGs are bound by the mandate, mission, vision and ends of the SRNA and work closely with the SRNA on practice and regulatory issues affecting RN(NP)s. NPOS is a partner with the national body of Canadian Advanced Practise Nurses (CAAPN) and serves as the provincial voice on professional issues.

NPOS primary purpose is to raise awareness of the RN(NP) role. NPOS is served by a voluntary executive elected by the membership.


The goals of NPOS are to:

  1. Provide an opportunity for nurse practitioners to meet regularly as members of NPOS for the purpose of:Promote established standards of nursing practice for nurse practitioners and assist in the development of future standards for the evolving role of nurse practitioners in Saskatchewan and Canada.
  • studying, discussing and exchanging information in aspects related to the role of the nurse practitioner
  • accessing/supporting research to facilitate improvements in nursing practice and health care
  • facilitating the development of the role and scope of practice of nurse practitioners
  1. Promote established standards of nursing practice for nurse practitioners and assist in the development of future standards for the evolving role of nurse practitioners in Saskatchewan and Canada.
  2. Participate in the Canadian Association of Advanced Practice Nurses (CAAPN) and link with other nurse practitioner groups throughout the country.
  3. Encourage members to participate in their professional association: Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association.




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