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SANP is a non-profit, volunteer-run, professional organization that supports and advances the professional interests of its membership — NPs, NP students, and nurses who have an interest in the NP practice.

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Nurse practitioner makes a difference

This aricle was provided by Mary Ann Denton and orginally publishied in the Saskatchewan Polytechnic School of Nursing Fall 2014 Newsletter.

Mary Ann Denton RN(NP) and member of SANP, was featured in the Saskatchewan Polytechnic School of Nursing Fall Newsletter. To read more about Mary Ann click here

Nurse practitioners offer good value in health care, study says

A study funded by the Ministry of Health outlines the benefits of having nurse practitioners in hospitals and long-term care homes.

University of Western Ontario professor and researcher Tina Hurlock-Chorostecki said nurse practitioners are often the one constant for a patient in hospital. They can act as liaisons with other health professionals to ease a patient's stay, and possibly shorten it. Read More 

Government of Saskatchewan rolls out rural nurse recruiting strategy

Nurse practitioners willing to relocate to some rural communities in Saskatchewan could receive up to $40,000 over five years in incentive grants as part of a new government recruiting strategy. Read More

Manitoba offers incentive for nurse practitioners to keep it rural

The provincial government is hoping new tuition-covering grants will entice graduating nurse practitioners (NPs) to work in rural communities. Read More

Nurse practitioners leaving clinics for hospitals, higher pay

In Sudbury, and across the province, a growing number of nurse practitioners are leaving community clinics to earn higher salaries in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Read More

Nurse Practitioner Recruitment and Retention Strategy

SANP is pleased to partner with the Ministry of Health for the Recruitment and Retention Strategy for NPs.  The Minister Responsible for Rural and Remote Health, Randy Weekes, announced the strategy on April 3, 2014.  This is the product of collaboration with the Ministry and SANP.  Thanks are also due the Minister for Advanced Education Rob Norris for supporting 5 new NP seats.  This is a new strategy to bring more NPs to rural communities with a population of 10,000 or less. 


Read more: Nurse Practitioner Recruitment and Retention Strategy