2017-2018 Executive

President Melissa Carignan RN(NP)

President Elect Frankie Verville RN(NP)

Past President Jill Bouchard RN(NP)

Treasurer Debbie Bathgate RN(NP)

Education Committee Chair Jessica Niyongabo RN(NP) 

Communications Chair Johanne Rust RN(NP)

Student Representative Erin Weisbeck

Student Representative Manuela Checedi

Regional/Specialty Representative Shelley Giebel RN(NP)

Regional/Specialty Representative Joy Gronsdahl RN(NP)

Regional/Specialty Representative Maureen Klenk RN(NP)

Regional/Specialty Representative Becky Lockhart RN(NP)

Regional/Specialty Representative Andrea Walker RN(NP)

Regional/Specialty Representative Shelley Wilson RN(NP)


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